One thought on “Trò chuyện với Mike George – chuyên gia quản trị cảm xúc

  1. That la mot cuoc phong van tho^ng minh, bang cach nay`, khan gia hoc hoi duoc nhieu thu’ mien~ phi’ ma ho. khong he biet’ , nhung loi` noi’ cua ong Mike da chi? day duoc nhieu dieu trong cach kiem che cam xuc cua ban than , cam on anh Khanh rat nhieu ve chuong trinh nay`, cu’ moi lan met moi va muon buong xuoi, vao xem trang web ToivaVietnam, cam thay’ minh can phai hoc hoi nhieu hon va truong thanh` hon nua~, hi vong anh Khanh van tiep tuc cong viec nay` va la dong luc. cho nhieu ban tre khac’ … I used to be really emotional person and can’t keep in touch with my friends , people i used to know …and like Mr. George said : “you’re not ready when you get to lowest point “, thank you so much for your talk show. It’s so helpful and meaningful. There’s a time I think you’re fake person for being so perfect and nice person, but now i know that you did try your best and shape youself a lot.


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